The Tower - Not A Great Property Investment!

Whenever Hollywood tries using a Tаrоt reading to portray impending disaster, the cameras end up dwelling on Death. But this is an ignorant misconception - in actual fact, the 13th card has plenty of saving graces that recommend it. In truth, the card that better signifies remorseless doom is The Tower.

There's much debate about the provenance of Tаrоt cards, but we know for sure the greater arcana, those 22 illustrated cards that form a higher suit in today's packs, traces back at least to 14th century Venice. How strange then, that those medieval Italians picked a collapsing tower to illustrate disaster in all its forms! I wonder what we'd pick today?

Rather than foreseeing the Twin Towers, our medieval ancestors were more likely thinking of the Tower of Babel, or possibly even the destruction of Solomon's Temple. Whichever it was, they chose an image of a tall building being violently destroyed as their ultimate vision of loss and catastrophe.

Let's take a look at a few of the modern interpretations frequently placed on this card:

Discovery of sexual betrayal
Financial ruin and bankruptcy
Sudden loss of a job or career
Unexpectedly falling madly in love
That last one's good, right? Well it can be, but only if both the parties involved are truly free to fall madly in love - something that's highly improbable under the malign influence of this dreadful card!

So can The Tower ever be a positive influence in your Tаrоt reading? As with every other card in the pack, you always need to keep a careful eye on where it appears in your spread; what's it influencing, and what does it refer to? After all, a sudden job loss or even a sexual betrayal might be quite interesting if you're not directly affected!

But most of the time, the best you can take from this card is a warning. Conserve your resources, and don't place too much trust in others. Assume you might be very badly let down any time soon, possibly by persons you've been able to trust up till now. And above all else, make sure you don't have too many eggs piled up in the same basket!

Forewarned is forearmed, and The Tower is, above all else, an excellent harbinger of doom. And that's just about the only good thing I can think to say about this worst of cards in the whole Tаrоt pack!