Daily One Card Meditation Spreads

Each Tаrоt card depicts a story within itself presenting many facets and symbols on many levels. Each card depending on which suit it falls in has a key focus of whether or not it reflects an emotional, mental, physical or financial (which technically is your ability to manifest your needs and desires) aspect. This is determined by the suit of Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. By recognizing which aspect is the primary focus, this will help identify with other elements within the card itself.

As each one tells its own story, they collectively tell a more detailed story of the path of life we each walk. The cycles, patterns, challenges and tests of strength that we each must endure in order to progress and keep moving forward upon our path of self-realization and purpose. Each card also presents a lesson or insight that is needed to be meditated or focused upon to more fully understand the information being presented.

Look at each card and see what images reflect scenarios or events within your own life that have been similar. Was there anything within the cards that drew your attention to them? These specific symbols, images and thoughts are a keynote that naturally speaks to your subconscious causing you to take notice and this you feel as your intuition or experience it in various ways through ideas, thoughts, a voice, a breeze, tingling warm sensation or a number of other ways.

These are the very things and areas of your life that you need to discover and find understanding in regards to how it applies to your life and what you should do in order to balance out the situation and return to a position of clarity. We all have experiences that often times take us by surprise and in some instances turn our lives upside down leaving us confused and uncertain. There within resides much learning, wisdom and understanding of The Path of the Tаrоt and more importantly, your own individual path.

The Tаrоt can help guide you along a path of least resistance if you truly pay attention to the signs that speak softly drawing your attention to them; yet typically our minds don't slow down enough to notice them. Each day, I shuffle my cards asking the Universe to provide a card for me to focus and meditate upon for the day in a way that will benefit others and myself more positively and allow whichever card is meant to present itself by falling out during my shuffle. In this way, I'm allowing the Universe and the energies present to work more efficiently and feel I am going with the flow rather than trying to go against it.

Daily One Card Meditation Spreads are very good for seeing what type of day you're likely to experience in regards to the type of people, attitudes, challenges, and opportunities that may present them self. This technique done on a regular basis will be much more effective; as the more we work with the cards, the better and easier we attune to them. Whatever card presents itself use as a focal point but remember nothing is set in stone and we have the ability to alter our reality by changing our attitudes and outlook.

This exercise will provide you a means to go about your day and seeing if there was anything the card presented that reflects that particular card. As a means to better understand the cards and the reflection of the world around you. In this way you may learn how to tap into the energy, symbols and images embedded within each individual Tаrоt card. You may even want to keep track of these exercises in a journal; after all it's just one card daily! It will help you learn how to recognize the flow of each card individually and the interconnectedness of all the cards collectively. It's an exciting journey if you look to perceive the beautiful reflection between you and your individual cards.