Tools You Will Need For Magical And Wiccan Spells!

If you are new to using wicca and magick spells or know things already you will learn from this article. I would like to share some tips on what to use as tools and devices for your practice of the occult arts.

All of these ritual and spell items you can find in stores or online. You may not agree with my tools or ritual items, but I can guarantee through my own experiences they do work. Here are my best key notes from what I know works best for wicca rituals and magick spells.

1. Magick candles - To set the mood and have a power like the element of fire is very positive and powerful when conducting a ritual or casting a wicca spell. The element of fire is one of the four magickal elements that make our universe and make wiccan rituals and spells work. As an example, you can write down on a piece of paper while in a self-induced hypnotic state, all of your fears, anxieties and worries.

Next thing to do is pray for them to be healed through the light and fire of the candle and set the letter ablaze. Be sure you have a bowl of water to put the flaming paper in. This is a great ritual magick technique that works to remove depression, stress and toxic energy.

2. Magick Tаrоt Cards - Being able to see your reality and lifestyle objectively through the lenses of your higher self is amazing. This is why and how tаrоt cards are used. Out of 72 cards, each card embodies a different archetypal energy we as humans go through in life.

The use of tаrоt cards can provide you with insight within yourself to greater depths. Tаrоt cards can also give you the advantage of knowing what the day has planned for you ahead of time. I highly and sincerely suggest that you buy a deck of your own cards for best results.

3. Magick Pendulum - A simple and very accurate technique for receiving, yes or no answers to questions can be done with a magical pendulum. You can buy them online or find them in wiccan and witchcraft shops. I suggest you find a crystal that suits your needs and attach a string to it.

To use this you hang it above a piece of paper divided into two parts. One saying, yes and the other no. Which ever way your pendulum swings will give you the answer to your question.

These have been some helpful tips I hope guide you to your greatest and brightest magical self!

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