Crystals That Aid Psychic Tаrоt Readings

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if certain crystals would help us on the journey to learn Tаrоt for delivering psychic messages?
Fortunately, there are crystals that support the clearing and resolution of stuck energy and blocks in the Chakra system. When Universal life force energy runs smoothly through the Chakras, it becomes easier to read Tarot, explain what the cards are saying and also give a high vibrational boost of energy to the client. Reading the tаrоt psychically is a bit more than observing the pattern of symbols and creating a story that provides insight into the clients situation. it is also about how you connect with the client and how comfortable both of you feel in a sacred exchange where you may be channeling some deep guidance and wisdom from their guides and higher self.
Crystals that help heal you will always complement your efforts to be a wonderful spiritually elevating voice for your clients, so any self-healing work that you do on yourself, will help your clients.
There are however a whole bunch of amazing crystals that were found recently–in the last couple of hundred years, that were created so that we may be able to assist the planet Earth in birthing the age of Aquarius – where we will have more mental power than ever before to create the futuristic, abundant, loving and beautiful world we want.
Here is a list of amazing crystals that support psychic development and can be used in conjunction with your daily Tаrоt reading practice:
1. Apophyllite: An amazing crystal, that instantly takes you to the higher realms of the other world. Use only if you know how to ground yourself and can usually stay grounded. To use apopholite, place your cleared and connected tаrоt deck beside this crystal every night. Touch the crystal, before reading your deck in the morning. Apopholite aids travel between the worlds. If you feel spacey after using this crystal, keep a black tourmaline or other more grounding energies such as Hematite near yourself.
2. Labrodite: A deliciously magical crystal that makes it easier to switch between right brain (intuitive) and left brain (logical) capabilities. Labrodite when worn as a ring, pendant or touched is quite useful. You can wear it on the body without feelings of spaciness or light headedness, which is why I like it a lot. Labrodite is useful for any creative thinking.
3. Kyanite: This is a wonderful stone, particularly if you are afraid of encountering darker energies during deeper work or your dreams aren’t always light and comforting. This stone clears negative energies from your aura. This is a wonderful stone to carry in your pocket or coat for protection, especially if you read publicly or in environments where there could be attachments eg., drug use, alcohol and other types of addictions.
4. Larimar: If you often wonder if you should have said what you did, or you tend to second guess your speech when you help people with readings, Larimar is a wonderful stone to wear. It helps keep your throat chakra clear, so that you can speak in a compassionate manner–using the quality of the water element–connecting to the heart of the querent. It will help convey the message in a heart centred way–like the King of Cups! (Larimar is the stone of Atlantis, and this Larimar makes me think of King of Cups.
5. Lapis Lazuli: An instant third eye opener and a crystal that amplifies the third eye’s energies, lapis is wonderful to have in your tool kit, for instant switching from regular every day conversation to channeling during a reading. I just swirl it over my third eye, gently pressing the point against the centre of the ‘eye’. Gentle is the keyword. If you are not very grounded, using Lapis as a third eye opener is a bit harsh and can make you dizzy. Lapis enhances your intuition, but it can also make your mood a little more serious than the other stones.
Other stones that keep your energy humming happily and allow you to shine your light, no matter what:
1. Clear quartz: Enough cannot be said about the way the Clear Quartz helps energize and expand your aura.
2. Amethyst, Rose Quartz: All quartz stones are wonderful aids to keep your mood and energy at a higher level of vibration.
3. Carnelian: A creativity boosting stone, Carnelian can keep that vital energy flowing abundantly, thus making it easier to stay on task for your creative projects and keep the zing factor!
4. Citrine: Professional Tаrоt readers can keep a citrine where it matters–in your wallet, with the intention to receive abundance for the good work of guidance through reading the Tarot.